Year Round

White IPA


This White IPA is crafted with four varieties of hops, wheat, coriander and a hint of orange peel for a balanced taste with a bright hop aroma. The beer is unfiltered, pleasantly hoppy, and incredibly balanced, making it the best of both styles.

Session IPA


A platform of Brewer’s, Aromatic and Caramel malts give the Nugget, Cascade and Tettnang hops in Session IPA a "nice place to mingle, get to know each other and deliver an outstanding flavor and relatively low ABV."

Brown & Robust Porter

Wisconsin Brewing Company's Brown and Robust Porter is a trio of Caramel, Special Roast, and Deep Chocolate malts. Wisconsin-grown Brewer’s Gold Hops adds a bit of bittering "to keep everything under control," making this brew is bold and assertive.

American IPA


Wisconsin Brewing Company's American IPA is "all about a good malt foundation and a whole lotta’ hops." Brewed with Wisconsin-grown Centennial, Chinook and Columbus varieties with west coast Cascade, this brew "packs a symphony of flavor."

Amber Lager

When Kirby Nelson was about to first fire up the WBC kettles, he realized he needed a beer to drink while he was busy creating more beers. Amber Lager is the result. As Wisconsin Brewing Company's first brew, Amber Lager is a smooth lager with great flavor, a true “brewer’s beer” with a moderate richness, a nice depth of flavor and a great malt portfolio.

Seagram's Escapes

Seagram's Escapes are druity malt beverages available in 17 flavors offer refreshing fruit flavors and light alcohol. The variety of flavors that change with the seasons.

JW Dundee Craft Pack


The JW Dundee Craft Pack contains two of each brew: Pale Bock Lager, Porter, Wheat Beer, Honey Brown, Pale Ale, and India Pale Ale.

Moosehead Lager

Moosehead Breweries’ flagship brand, Moosehead Lager is a golden lager that is light in body and highly refreshing, offering a fine balance between malt sweetness and hop bitterness. Made from an age-old yeast culture, Moosehead Lager is brewed longer to impart its unique flavor.


Made with the original recipe from yester-year, Rhinelander is a refreshing and malty beer made with only the finest 2-row malted barley and sun ripened hops that create a light and smooth finish. Carbonation dances off the tongue to "remind you that the best things in life are crisp just like the northwoods!"

Rhinelander Thumper IPA

Fiercely hopped and hopped again, Thumper IPA "keeps on going and going" to tantalize the tongue.