So you might be asking - what is a cran-passion? Think cold, think hard. Think refreshing blend of mixed fruits, it's my special passionate blend. Taste the difference!



Chimay Première is the oldest of the Chimays. Its coppery color and sweet, fruity taste make it a particularly tasty dark ale.

Grande Reserve

The color of this beer is dark and inviting. A rich and lively sweetness gives way to a drier finish. A peppery spiciness is balanced by thyme, cedar & a touch of nutmeg.

Chimay Cinq Cents


The Chimay Cinq Cents offers a rare balance of mellowness and bitterness. It is truly an iconic beer with a lovely golden color and slightly hazy appearance.

Warm Front

A vacation from the ordinary winter ale with a bit of citrus and tropical flavor.

Smash Ale Hull Melon

U.S. hop growers keep spawning new hop varieties with outlandish flavor profiles, and the rest of the world is paying attention. Case in point, German hop growers toiled creating the Hüll Melon variety, known for its—and totally in a good way—atypical fruity flavors, making it the perfect candidate for their newest SMaSH Ale.



For many of at Lakefront, the Pilsner is one of the first beers they’ve ever tried, making it near-and-dear to their hearts.

My Turn Series: Nathan


Nathan is their bottling room technician. He conducts the chaos of clanging glass and hissing air as bottles get filled with beer and stickered with labels. So, you have him to thank for getting their beer into the bottle that ends up in your hand. The inspiration for Nathan’s My Turn™ hit him while drinking an Eastside Dark™ around a campfire.

My Turn Series: Dylan


Dylan, a Tour Manager at Lakefront, makes sure the tours start on time, the guides hit their marks, and their customers leave happy. As such, he wanted to brew a crowd-pleaser, and went with the easy-drinking nuance of a Dortmunder Lager.



Pours a brilliant blonde-gold with a white fluffy head. Biscuit and honey aromas from Vienna and Munich malts blend with herbal and spicy hop notes from Mount Hood and Czech Saaz hops. The medium body yields a robust malty-sweetness, while a mild, balanced hoppiness leads into the crisp finish.