Prairie Moon


A Belgian-style farmhouse ale containing wheat, coriander and orange peel.

Tommy's Porter


Smooth, full-bodied, nuts & berries porter with a coffee-like finish. Based on traditional English porters of the late 1800′s first created for the hardworking Irish immigrants who wanted a ‘stout’ style brew to drink on their all-too-short lunch breaks.

Milk Stout


An English style sweet stout made with lactose produced by Meister Cheese, Muscoda, WI. Possessing high amounts of rich, creamy flavors. Unfiltered. Originally produced by English brewers in the late 1800’s.

Impulse Drive


Their Warped Speed Scotch Ale’s little sister. Session style that is full flavored scotch. It’s an interplanetary experience.

Golden Booty


Formally known as Coon Rock Cream Ale, this beer is a “pre-prohibition” Cream Ale produced with flaked corn for a very creamy and full-bodied beer. Lightly hopped with traditional varieties that would have been grown in Wisconsin a hundred years ago. The ultimate “Lawn Mower Beer.”

Bunny Green Toe


Big and bold new IPA that borders on an imperial or double IPA. Utilizing Magnum, Columbus and Amarillo hops. Named for the lovely wife of the Big Lebowski. “Just can’t keep her down on the farm.”

Arena Premium

100% Cascade hopped beer based on the “American Pale Ale” style but with more malt flavor. Produced with barley malted right here in good ol’ Wisconsin. This beer will make even the most discerning tongue tingle.



Their new session India Pale Ale. A real IPA that’s lower in alcohol. Named after the police call code for “Breathalyser Request.”

Pear Cider


Island Orchard Pear Cider is a delicate balance of two pears. Bartlett imparts the aromatics of the fruit.
Bosc delivers the dry tannins and complexity.

Fallin' Oats

Get ready to fall off the wagon, again. Oatmeal Amber is made with smooth caramel malts, balanced by a backbone of rolled oats, finished with a crisp mix of American and European style hops. It’s delicious. It’s approachable. It’s smart.