American Double/Imperial IPA

Rhinelander Thumper IPA

Fiercely hopped and hopped again, Thumper IPA "keeps on going and going" to tantalize the tongue.

Rhinelander Imperial Jack

This double IPA is the "grand daddy of them all." Imperial Jack is robust, malty, and heavily hopped brew that is medium amber in color and double hoppy.


With a flash of Mosaic hops and a kiss of honey malt, Chillwave is "a rush in a bottle." Made of Harrington 2-row base, caramel 45, and honey malts, this brew has a hop-forward flavor with a balanced blend of Mosaic and Nugget hops.

Pine in the Neck

Pine in the Neck is a double IPA crafted with juniper berries. The brew is deep golden to light amber color with brilliant clarity and white head with an aroma of assertive fruity, citrus hop notes. It has a taste of smooth bitterness with caramel malt and citrus notes for a full-bodied feel.

Bad Axe

Bad Axe is brewed with a mix of Columbus and Centennial hops, it pours pale amber, and goes down surprisingly easy. It was the 2013 Rochester Craft Beer Expo winner for Best Beer and as Big Wood notes, "this one might take a few trees down without trying."

Oracle DIPA

The Oracle DIPA brew places hop intensity first and foremost, making only the slightest concession to malt and balance. There is an aromatic punch of dry-hop sessions with hop varieties from the Pacific Northwest. Resinous, citrusy hop flavors mixed with aggressive bitterness from a massive kettle addition deliver on that aromatic promise.

Kalamazoo Hopsolution

Hopsoulution Ale falls roughly into the Double India Pale Ale category, incorporating several modern hop varietals from the Pacific Northwest with classic noble hops from Germany to present a blend of fruity, citrus, and resinous pine aromas. A mild caramel malt character and dry finish provide the counterpoint to these hop notes.


Hoptimum is a "hurricane of whole-cone hop flavor." Hopped, dry hopped and torpedoed for incredible hop flavor and complexity, Hoptimum is the "pinnacle of whole-cone hoppiness" and the biggest Imperial IPA Sierra Nevada has ever produced. It features resinous “new school” hop varieties: Magnum, Chinook, Simcoe, Citra and a new experimental hop variety exclusive to Sierra Nevada. With intense hop flavors and aromas of grapefruit rind, pine, herbs and tropical fruit, Hoptimum is an aggressive drinking experience. 

Whole Hog IPA

Whole Hog 6-Hop I.P.A. has a deep floral hop aroma combined with notes of baked citrus. Clean maltiness supports a dominant complexity of six varieties of hops and creates a solid mouthfeel. This gives way to a lingering finish of supple hop bitterness, tangy citrus fruit and robust malt.