American Pale Ale

Wisconsin Red Pale Ale

They brewed this beer exclusively for Wisconsin. Made with some of the finest quality ingredients, including some hops, barley, oats and water right here in Wisconsin.

Smash Ale Hull Melon

U.S. hop growers keep spawning new hop varieties with outlandish flavor profiles, and the rest of the world is paying attention. Case in point, German hop growers toiled creating the Hüll Melon variety, known for its—and totally in a good way—atypical fruity flavors, making it the perfect candidate for their newest SMaSH Ale.

Arena Premium

100% Cascade hopped beer based on the “American Pale Ale” style but with more malt flavor. Produced with barley malted right here in good ol’ Wisconsin. This beer will make even the most discerning tongue tingle.

Oatsmobile Ale

This hop-forward session American Pale Ale uses a blend of classic and modern Pacific Northwest hops, including Mosaic, Ekuanot™ (formerly Equinox) and Glacier, for a pungent blend of peach, mango and tropical aromas.

Big Mountain

Pouring clear and light copper in color, Big Mountain Pale has three domestic malt varieties providing firm footing for the distinct flavor and aroma of dry-hopped Simcoe and Mosaic. Notes of Asian pear, pine, and lemon in the aroma are answered by the toasted nut, biscuit and toffee malt. The crisp flavor is distinct from the aroma, with pleasantly strong herbal notes and hints of complex tropical fruit.

JP's A Cappella Gluten-free Pale Ale

JP’s A Cappella Gluten-free Pale Ale is brewed with sorghum and Cascade hops. The flavor profile is similar to that of traditional pale ale, but the sorghum provides a distinctly different mouthfeel to the brew. There are a number of gluten-free lagers on the market, but few gluten-free ales, and Stevens Point Brewery offers something different with this new gluten-free pale ale.

Jack Savage

Jack Savage is brewed with all American hops of Cascade, Columbus, Cluster, and Chinook, making the brew "a good time—gone great." According to Big Wood, "chances are good you know someone just like Jack Savage. If you want to hear a good fish story, or need somebody to run the barbecue, you bet he's your man."

Freeride APA

American Pale Ale, arguably the style that triggered the craft beer movement in the United States, showcases the floral, fruity, and citrusy aroma and flavors of Pacific Northwest hops in balance with a medium malt body. The Alaskan Freeride APA features a lush, green, almost tropical hop aroma paired with the unique taste combination of these three, distinctive hop varieties, making it both full in flavor and crisply thirst-quenching. 

Cascade Pale Ale

Point Cascade Pale Ale is handcrafted combining special top-fermenting yeast and a dry hopping process to create this truly classic American Pale Ale. The intriguing character is derived from generous quantities of the choicest Yakima Valley Cascade hops and the finest crystal, 2-row pale, and Munich malts. The result is a delicious American Pale Ale with a signature fragrant hop bouquet and soft malt palate.

Stone Tepee Pale Ale

Stone Tepee Pale Ale is brewed in the tradition of an American pale ale. This beer celebrates the American hop, with its characteristic bitterness, flavor and aroma.