Brown Ale

First Peach


With one foot in winter and the other in spring, the brewers at Blue Moon crafted this Belgian-inspired Brown Ale with the first peaches of the season and coriander. It has a tart taste balanced by caramel malts for the cooler days and peach notes for the warmer ones.

2012 Black Ale


Thousands of years ago the ancient Mayans of Central America developed a "Long-Count" round calendar that ended ominously on December 21, 2012. Although we are all still here, some predicted this symbolized the end of time as we know it. Inspired by this mystery, the brewery offers Point 2012 Black Ale to help contemplate this 'end of time' or perhaps a "new beginning." Dark rich roasty and complex, Point 2012 Black Ale is hand-crafted with a blend of roasted, chocolate, and black malt with Willamette, Saaz and Sterling hops for the robust flavor and finish.