Vienna Lager

Dos Equis Amber


Dos Equis Amber is a rich, full-bodied Mexican import with a reddish-gold color and is made from the finest ingredients, representing the brand’s traditional Mexican heritage. The history of Dos Equis Amber is traced to the development of the popular Oktoberfest-style of Vienna lager originally created during the mid-19th century.

Red Lager


Winner of the 1998 Silver and 2002 Gold Awards for Vienna-Style Lager at the World Beer Cup, Leinenkugel's Red Lager has a rich appearance and smooth, robust, yet easy-drinking taste. The brew has been winning over red enthusiasts since 1993.

Boston Lager


This deep golden amber colored brew has a rich full–bodied flavor that is complex and balanced, with a hop aroma and distinct citrus and piney notes. Brewed using only the finest of ingredients including two–row barley, as well as German noble aroma hops it has a strong smooth finish and mouth–feel.