Fresh Hop Pilsner

Each year Schell’s creates a new Fresh Hop beer to celebrate the hop harvesting season; capturing the flavorful aromatic oils and resins of freshly-picked hops by adding them to the brewing kettle while wet. Expect a vibrant adventure in fresh hop aromatics and flavor in the form of an experimental, German-style Pilsner. Schell’s Fresh Hop beer is best when consumed fresh and should be kept refrigerated.

Food pairings: 
Roasted meat, chicken and of course bratwurst all work well. Fish is a great compliment to Pilsners. Deep fried fish (calamari, fried walleye or perch, smelt and catfish) grilled bass, rich fatty fish like trout and salmon all work great. Spicy Indian or Mexican dishes also pair nicely. When pairing cheese with Pilsner, avoid cheese that is too potent, since it is likely to overpower the beer’s more delicate scents. Instead, look for types like Gouda, soft goat cheese, Munster or mild cheddar with a hint of fruit and sweetness to offset the dryness of the beer.
Pineapple, tangerine and citrus hop flavors in an experimental German-style Pilsner.