Island Orchard Cider

Island Orchard Cider began on our farm on Washington Island, just across Death’s Door passage from mainland Door County. Over time, as the owners became more interested in cider, they started traveling to the Pays D’Auge region of Normandy, where they tasted many varieties of this traditional beverage that is typically served with meals, and is the perfect complement to the wonderful cuisine of the area. As they experienced the cider culture of northern France, they realized that nothing like these dry, complex ciders existed in the U.S., and became excited about the prospect of introducing a French-style cider to the American palate. Such excitement culminated in the Island Orchard Cider Company.

Lake Louie Brewing Company

Lake Louie Brewing started out as a mid-life crisis for owner Tom Porter. He had spent more than 20 years in the Engineering field and was looking to make a change in careers and a change in outlook. Having been homebrewing for a couple of years, Tom wrote a ‘cartoon’ of a business plan that stated that a 3 barrel brewery could make a profit (in the first year, no less!) Armed with said business plan and a cashed in 401k, Tom and his wife DeAnn proceeded to convert a metal storage shed on their property into a nascent brewery. Today, the brewery produces 12 craft beers and is located in Arena, Wisconsin. 

Lakefront Brewery

According to Brewery President Russ Klisch, Lakefront Brewery started with his brother, Jim. Near his birthday, Jim expressed interest in beer making, and Russ humored him by giving him a homebrewing book. To Russ’ surprise, Jim read the book, and brewed a beer. By Russ’ account, Jim was no gourmet cook, but he made a pretty good beer. Impressed, Russ decided he could brew one better. In short, sibling rivalry and common interest lead both brothers to begin entering homebrewing contests and winning awards. The industrious and inventive microbrewery located on the Milwaukee River has become a Milwaukee landmark. Its rich history includes partnerships with local taverns, preservation of local historical pieces, unique tours, family style dining options and most importantly, great beer.


In 1845 Jacob Leinenkugel immigrated from Meckenheim, Germany, with his parents and two brothers to Wisconsin. Its rich soil was perfect for growing hops and grains and when he got older Jacob opened his own brewery in the logging town of Chippewa Falls. A family man driven by an iron work ethic, Jacob knew that his family heritage would play an integral part of his brewery's success. Today, the fifth generation of Leinenkugel's continue to brew the same family inspired recipes that Jacob poured his heart and soul into. Over the years, the family has grown and so has the brewery, but its history and heritage remain at the forefront.

Mike's Hard Lemonade Company

Mike’s Hard Lemonade was founded in 1999 by Anthony von Mandl. It was named after this original brand which is a mixture of vodka, lemonade, and flavored malt base. 
Mike’s popularity continues to grow with their simply comedic commercials and witty slogans. Today, Mike's produces flavoed varieties of Hard Lemonade, Harder Lemonade, Margarita, Hard Punch, Shandy, and Hard Apple Cider.