Premium Waters

Premium Waters is a consortium of bottling plants with a long history in the bottled water business. Our company was incorporated by the Chesterman Company in 1994. That same year, we purchased the Kandiyohi Bottled Water Company, signaling our reentry into the bottled water industry. In 1997, we purchased Chippewa Springs, a company that has been in the spring water business for more than a century.

Our popular brands of bottled water include: Chippewa® Springs, Glacier Clear™, Glenwood™, Nicolet™, Kandiyohi™ Premium, Nature’s Crystal™ and Water Joe™.

Public Craft

We figure as far as noble causes and good intentions go, beer is good. And who reaps the benefits of that goodness? PEOPLE. Located at 716 58th Street, just a couple blocks off Lake Michigan in beautiful Downtown Kenosha, Wisconsin!

Rustic Road Brewing

Stepping in to Rustic Road Brewing Company is a unique experience, right in the heart of downtown Kenosha. We make our own beers right on site in small batches in the old Wisconsin artisan style. We pride ourselves in being unique enough to stand out, but unassuming enough to be enjoyable by everyone. We love great beer and love to share it with Kenosha!

Samuel Adams Brewery

Samuel Adams did this in the name of American Independence and Jim Koch did this in the name of Better Beer. Jim named his beer after Samuel Adams because he shared a similar spirit in leading the fight for independence and the opportunity for all Americans to pursue happiness and follow their dreams. Samuel Adams combines pride, confidence, passion, and optimism in bringing Americans together to ignite the American Revolution. With a similar spirit, Jim Koch helped start the Craft beer revolution when he first brewed Boston Lager over 30 years ago - a revolution that is going strong to this day with close to 5,000 independent Craft brewers nationwide.


In 1869, the new Meiji government set about developing Hokkaido, establishing a Kaitakushi (the national government Hokkaido Development Commission). Thereafter, over more than a decade until the post was abolished, many businesses were developed on this northern Japanese island. One of them was the brewing of beer. In June 1876, Seibei Nakagawa, who had recently returned from Germany where he studied the art of beer making, was chosen as brewmaster to oversee construction of a beer factory. That September, the Kaitakushi Brewery was completed. The following year, Sapporo Lager was born, prominently displaying the Pioneers' symbol, the North Star.