Minhas Boxer Light Lager

Boxer Light is a classic Canadian-style dry lager.  Bitterness is distinctly subdued and a slight malty aroma effervesces from the moderate foaminess with just a slight hint of sweetness.  It is a golden color with light aromas of malt and grain and has a pleasant hoppy bitterness and a clean crisp finish. 

Food pairings: 
This is a refreshing lager beer that pairs well with medium to sharp cheeses, steaks, spicy sausages, grilled vegetables, and robust pasta dishes.
Boxer Light is made in small batches and is handcrafted using pure 2-row barley grown and malted in Biggar, Saskatchewan, premium hops from the Pacific NW, deep well water and our proprietary yeast. It is placed in cold storage for a minimum of 35 days resulting in a clean, crisp, smooth tasting light beer.