Point Smiley Blue Pies

Point Brewmaster Gabe Hopkins and his team of craft brewers brew Smiley Blue Pils with traditional pilsner malt and Saaz hops imported from the Czech Republic. The Saaz hops are a key ingredient for Czech-style pilsners, which tend to be hoppier than German-style pilsners. The Point team is generous with the Saaz hops when they brew Point Smiley Blue Pils, which is also dry hopped after fermentation to enhance its hoppiness.

“The Saaz hops give Smiley Blue Pils a pleasant, peppery nose and a crisp dry finish,” said Hopkins. “It’s very well balanced and a satisfying, easy-to-drink session beer. It’s a great fit with the rest of our craft beers, and we are really proud of it.”