Fargo Brothers Hefeweizen

The Fargo brothers arrived in Lake Mills in 1845, armed with a strong collective will and a pioneering spirit. The Fargo family became leaders in commerce, industry, agriculture, civics and religion. Through the years, these hard working men and their families shaped the character and very essence of our beautiful hometown. Their legacy endures in the buildings and businesses they built and the civility they brought to this city. In this same pioneering spirit, we brew our Fargo Brothers Hefeweizen to honor this first family of Lake Mills.

Fargo Brothers Hefeweizen is brewed in the tradition of a Bavarian-style weißbier with a clove-like flavor and aroma with banana undertones and no bitterness. The unfiltered yeast makes this beer cloudy."

Tasting notes: 
A South German-style hefeweizen. The beer is characterized by a fruity and pheloic aroma and flavor. Hop flavor and aroma are absent and low hop bitterness. A medium bodied beer with high carbonation. The color is deep golden. The unfiltered yeast makes this beer cloudy. Available in the Summer