Sailors Take Warning

Sailors Take Warning! is an Imperial Blonde Ale Brewed With Agave and Blood Oranges Cherry Puree added and aged in Tequila barrels. It is a bit dangerous with an ABV around 9.0% This beer was inspired by my favorite Sunday morning drink. I do not care for the taste of tomato juice... so when everyone else is having their Bloody Mary’s or Bloody Maria’s, I’m enjoying a Tequila Sunrise. As you all know, a Tequila Sunrise is a drink composed of tequila and orange juice with grenadine added. We brewed a batch of Blonde Ale and added agave at the end of the boil to help "Imperialize" it. We then transferred the wort to a fermenter which contained lots of Blood Orange puree. Once fermentation was complete we removed the yeast and added a sweet Cherry puree. After a few days we transferred the beer into tequila barrels and aged. It doesn’t exactly taste like a Tequila Sunrise... but the components and inspiration are there.

Tasting notes: 
Draft. Pours orange red. Its over the top sweet and malty like a heavy graham cracker. Some orange and cherry notes. Similiar to a tequila old fashioned.