About C.J.W., Inc.

Our Mission:

Position C.J.W., Inc. as a leader in the beer and beverage distribution industry by continuing to enhance the work ethic and winning culture established by the founders of our company through our commitment to education, hard work and highest standards.

  • For Our Suppliers: C.J.W., Inc. provides a working partnership and respect for suppliers' goals through open communication and the ability to provide superior market management.

  • For Our Customers: C.J.W., Inc. delivers the highest level of service, education and salesmanship while providing the strongest portfolio dedicated to long term growth.

  • For Our Community: C.J.W., Inc. strives to contribute active personal and financial support in order to make the area in which we work a better place to live.

Company Timeline:

  • 1933 - Eugene F. Madrigrano starts his beer distributing company E.F. Madrigrano with the repeal of Prohibition and Joseph “Pep” Madrigrano goes to work with his father at the age of thirteen.
  • 1952 - Pep Madrigrano leaves his father’s company to venture out on his own and starts Triangle Wholesale Company with his brother-in-law, Gene Speca.
  • 1960 - Glenn Madrigrano joins the family business.
  • 1975 - Glenn Madrigrano and family acquire C.J.W., Inc. to obtain the distribution rights for Miller Brewing Company products for Kenosha and Racine counties. C.J.W., Inc. sales are 144,000 cases annually.
  • 1984 - C.J.W., Inc. sells 1,000,000 cases of Miller Brewing Company Products.
  • 1986 - Glenn Madrigrano, Jr. joins the family business. 
  • 1994 - C.J.W., Inc. sells 2,000,000 cases of Miller Brewing Company Products.
  • 1996 - C.J.W., Inc. acquires Walter Dorn Distributing to extend its Miller territory to include Walworth County.
  • 2001 - Triangle Wholesale Co., Inc. acquires May Beverages to distribute the Coors, Oldstyle, and Pabst brands for Kenosha County.
  • 2005 - C.J.W., Inc. takes over distribution of all products to retail accounts in Kenosha, Racine, and Walworth Counties from Triangle Wholesale Co., Inc. Triangle Wholesale continues to be the master wholesaler for non-alcoholic products statewide.
  • 2006 - C.J.W., Inc. acquires Osborn Distributing, Dominik Beverages, and Beloit Beverage company to complete its territory for the Coors brands.