Green 19 IPA

India Pale Ale, American citrus hops, balanced malt finish.

The Great Zizani


From the mystical Frozen North comes a rich, mahogany-hued Brown
Ale. Conjured from wild rice and malts from around the world, The
Great Zizani evokes flavors of nutty grain, smoke, and earth. Sit for
a spell and partake of this magical brew.

Boathouse Pilsner

A Bohemian giolden lager, spicy Saaz hops, clean finish.
Gold Medalist, Bohemian-Style Pilsner, 2010 Great American Beer Festival.

Wisconsin Red Pale Ale

They brewed this beer exclusively for Wisconsin. Made with some of the finest quality ingredients, including some hops, barley, oats and water right here in Wisconsin.

Sunset Wheat

Their award-winning Belgian-style witbier, Leinenkugel's® Sunset Wheat will give you notes of orange and blueberry, and a tart, citrusy finish. Top it with an orange wheel to add another note to the aroma and settle in for a sudsy sunset.

Summer Shandy


Their own unique take on Franz Kugler’s original Munich tavern tradition.


Their proud German heritage shines through in our homage to arguably the world’s greatest festival.

Honey Weiss


Featuring a touch of real Wisconsin honey, Leinenkugel's® Honey Weiss is a golden-hued traditional American weiss beer inspired by a classic German style.

Harvest Patch Shandy


Satisfy your thirst for autumn with Leinenkugel’s® Harvest Patch® Shandy.

Grapefruit Shandy


A traditional shandy is beer mixed with a little something extra, like lemonade, soda or ginger ale. Leinenkugel's® Grapefruit Shandy is their take on this tradition.