Creamy Dark


Leinenkugel’s® Creamy Dark is brewed with a special blend of seven malts for a rich, nutty cocoa flavor and crisp finish. That makes it one deliciously dark, surprisingly smooth brew. Hey, the name says it all.

Canoe Paddler


Leinenkugel’s® Canoe Paddler® is a slightly spicy and smooth addition to Leinenkugel’s seasonal portfolio.

Berry Weiss


Crisp weiss beer gets a little lift from an enticing blend of blackberries, elderberries and loganberries that are all indigenous to Wisconsin. Our Leinenkugel’s® Berry Weiss brings them together for a flavor that’s deliciously different and available all year long.

Anniversary Lager

With over 550 years of brewing experience combined, this collaboration between Leinenkugel's and Hofbräu München celebrates Leinenkugel’s 150th anniversary with a blend of German tradition and American ingenuity.

Irish Red

The original George brewed the first batch of Enniscorthy Ruby Ale, the inspiration for George Killian’s Irish Red. He just wanted a better beer to share with his friends.
He then founded Mill Park Brewery in Enniscorthy, Ireland, so he could share his ruby-colored ale with all of Ireland.

Summer Honey Wheat

Blue Moon Summer Honey Wheat is crafted with clover honey and orange peel for a refreshing taste that makes the most of sun-soaked days.

Warm Front

A vacation from the ordinary winter ale with a bit of citrus and tropical flavor.

Smash Ale Hull Melon

U.S. hop growers keep spawning new hop varieties with outlandish flavor profiles, and the rest of the world is paying attention. Case in point, German hop growers toiled creating the Hüll Melon variety, known for its—and totally in a good way—atypical fruity flavors, making it the perfect candidate for their newest SMaSH Ale.



For many of at Lakefront, the Pilsner is one of the first beers they’ve ever tried, making it near-and-dear to their hearts.

My Turn Series: Nathan


Nathan is their bottling room technician. He conducts the chaos of clanging glass and hissing air as bottles get filled with beer and stickered with labels. So, you have him to thank for getting their beer into the bottle that ends up in your hand. The inspiration for Nathan’s My Turn™ hit him while drinking an Eastside Dark™ around a campfire.