Inkwell Black IPA


Bright and citrusy Cascade hops hit your nose first followed by a roasted maltiness on the back end. The first sip is filled with a bright pallet cleansing bitterness from Galena and Northern Brewer hops but as you keep working your way through you should get to a well rounded bitterness from dark wheat and barley malts. Dark and malty, wonderfully bitter, bright and balanced, your first sip wont be your last!

Bits & Pieces Mosaic


We assembled Bits & Pieces from carefully chosen malt, yeast and the citrusy, tropical wonder that is Mosaic hops. But don’t get too hung up on the details, sit back and enjoy the big picture on this one.

Belgian Dark Strong

Like a Belgian Pale Ale, the strong versions will also be pale to golden in color. What sets them apart is a much higher alcohol content that can range from hidden to spicy to devastatingly present. Expect a complex and powerful ale, yet delicate with rounded flavors and big, billowy, rocky, white head. Hop and malt character can vary, most are fruity and quite hoppy, but hop flavor and aroma will generally be within the low range and artfully balanced.

Nature Fury Drinks


Nature’s Fury™ is an active NutriDrink™ that helps you achieve your nutritional goals.

Chippewa Falls


Nestled in the wooded hills of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, our water is born into this world from the rarest of sources... a natural spring, relying solely on the natural filtration of a glacial formation that began over 500 million years ago. Chippewa spring water is as pure today as when we first tested it a century ago. More importantly, its taste and refreshment have never been equaled. Welcome to the waters of the Chippewa Spring.



The red flesh apples in Angry Orchard Rosé are from France. Each apple is crisp, juicy and red to the core, adding an irresistible rosy blush and apple-forward taste with a refreshing, dry finish. Angry Orchard Rosé can be enjoyed outside with friends or at the dinner table.

"Brain" Belt


This beer was created for the 2012 Zombie Pub Crawl in St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN.