Big Pond Blonde


Chicago resides on Lake Michigan, a great body of water whose shores are home to some of the best breweries in the country. Its fresh, high quality water is an essential ingredient to all of these great beers including Big Pond Blonde, a highly sessionable blonde ale. Big Pond's smooth body and crisp finish make it a refreshing, solid choice.

Plumage IPA


Plumage IPA a slightly malty, balanced beer that finishes hoppy, but not too bitter. This smooth American IPA features Citra and Hallertau Blanc hops.

Skull Hammer

Skull Hammer follows up on the popularity of our award winning Hardcore Chimera. This Imperial IPA is a flavorful gateway into the depths of your skull. Nailing the East Coast Style IPA that is more sweet than bitter, this head banger hammers down with the citrussy blend of everyone's favorite hops including Citra, Mosaic, & Simcoe. Whether you are a neurosurgeon, Viking, carpenter, or beer enthusiast, this is the Hammer to reach for.

Finch's Tacocat


An American kettle sour in addition to a palindrome. Hazy in color, this session sour has a nice citrus aroma, is mildly tart, and has pleasant notes of peach, tangerine, and white grapes.

Furthermore Fluffy Black Clouds


What is it? Black Cloud from Furthermore Beer of Black River Falls.
Style: Black Cloud falls into the general category of Belgian dark ales. Color is all over the map — they can be amber, brown, dark black, deep red or bronze. Belgian yeast will be showcased in most. In both aroma and flavor, that means a range of floral, earthy, musty and fruity notes. Hops are used as an accent, mostly for balance, as opposed to bitterness. Belgian dark ales also come in a wide range of strengths, from 4% to 7% ABV.

A black, Belgian style beer. It’s fluffy.

Apple Cider Lavender


Crisp, light lavender finish. Very refreshing after a hot day on Washington and Rock Islands!

30th Anniversary


When Russ and Jim Klisch cobbled together a brewery out of used dairy tanks inside an old bakery in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood, did they think they were laying bedrock for a 30-year foundation? Trailblazers in a movement that would upend the brewing industry and take the U.S., and later the world, by storm? Of course not. Not when they were taking it one beer, one batch, one day at a time. But, 30 years is a rare achievement and this full-bodied, Bourbon Barrel-Aged Eisbock, packed with oak plank, vanilla, dark fruit and brown bread flavor, is a well-suited milestone.

Black Friday


Black Friday™ doesn’t just happen in one day: work on this rarity starts in January. The second dark-roasted malt hits the water in our mash tun, prep for Black Friday™ begins. After fermenting for nearly a month, our brewers fill some
40-odd bourbon barrels by hand with rich, chewy and chocolatey Imperial Stout, where it lays dormant for ten months, picking up vanilla, oak, and toasted almond flavors. Like we always say: Prepare.

Clutch Cargo


C’mere and give Clutch Cargo a smooch. This Double IPA pours deep brass with a fine, off-white head that smacks of grapefruit and fresh mango. Pucker up for citrus, melon and resinous Amarillo® and Mosaic® hop flavors over a biscuity, caramel malt palate. Medium-bodied with a mild alcohol warmth, Clutch Cargo finishes with lingering hop resin and citrus peel.

EastSide Dark


Eastside Dark The rich, coffee-like aroma and flavor of this fine Dark Bavarian style lager beer is derived from a precise blending of three different specialty barley malts, chocolate, black patent, and Munich malt. Munich malt is also added to bring about the creamy body of this malty brew that has an original gravity of 1060. The most impressive aspect of this brew is the perfect balance between the specialty malts and coveted Mt. Hood hops. Unlike many other dark beers, East Side Dark doesn’t have the bitter aftertaste associated with it.