A nice single hop series that showcases the Denali hop. Lakefront describes Denali as an IPA with notes of “pineapple, lemon, and nectarine flavors from the brand-new Denali™ hops.”
It seems everyone is taking a shot with the Denali hop lately. I definitely enjoyed this a bit more than the Denali Hero from Revolution. It’s a bitter, bitter beer, but balanced with tropical fruit notes, lemon zest, and somewhat of a spicy hop note.

Mangy Rabbit

Smell that? Smells like citrus and grass. Mangy Rabbit’s boppin’ our way, dig? Really rattles the cages of these Park Avenue squares, man. Thinks he can cover that dank aroma with mango, pineapple and grapefruit. He must’ve hotboxed knee-deep in fruit salad, man.
Right on!


A Biere De Garde—literally, "a beer to keep"—is a style conceived in the hills of Northern France. This traditional farmhouse ale is brewed with a special French ale yeast, giving it a subtle, yet delightful ester fruitiness. Ample amounts of 2-row malt give Rendezvous a luscious, full body. Generous amounts of Munich malts are added for additional sweetness and give Rendezvous an impassioned red hue.

Golden Maple Root Beer


In addition to being sold at the brewery, Golden Maple Root Beer is sold sporadically at Wisconsin Whole Foods, and is a big player at Milwaukee state fairs and farmer’s markets. If you aren’t in the area and want to try it, the company does do custom orders. Just know the shipping will be pricey. Contact Lakefront Brewery.


Single Hop "Centennial"

In 1974, amid the Watergate scandal, Queen’s follow-up album, and The Brady Bunch getting nixed, hop growers at Washington State University discovered a special breed in their fields. Descended from five different hop strains, with one helluva citrus aroma, they dubbed the young cones “CFJ90”. Maybe the WSU team took 26 years to refine CFJ90? Maybe they waited for Ice Cube’s solo debut? Either way, in 1990, they unleashed the new hop, renamed “Centennial”, to eagerly-awaiting brewers.

Single Hop "Denali"

Denali: the highest peak in North America. Only three out of every five climbers who try for its mighty summit will reach it. The third installment of our SHOP Series is much less intimidating. And, five out of five hop heads will reach the bottom of their glass satisfied with the pineäpple, lemon, and nectarine flavors from the brand-new Denali™ hops.

Spiced Winter Lager

After spending summer and fall in brandy barrels, this dark ruby winter warmer picks up aromas of oak plank, pipe tobacco and red fruit. Coupled with cinnamon, clove, caramel malt and clover honey flavors, our Brandy Barrel-Aged Spiced Winter Lager tastes like curling up next to a warm hearth on a chilly winter evening. We went all out in the brew house for this winter warmer, feel free to do the same in the kitchen. The big, brandy and malty flavors will stand up next to a beef bourguignonne pot pie, crown roast of pork, or Thug Kitchen’s winter vegetable hominy hash en croute.

Tiny Feet

A little bird told us this Double IPA recipe. Centennial and El Dorado® hops give Tiny Feet loads of tangerine, lemon, mango and pineapple aromas, while malted rye adds a distinct grainy, slightly spicy flavor. Get it before this bird flies the coop!



Brewed in the style of a Belgian Wit. A special blend of coriander, orange zest and unmalted wheat help to make this a remarkably refreshing summer beer.

My Turn Series: Kristin


As Lakefront’s Executive Chef, Kristin knows a thing or two about flavor combinations. So, when her My Turn arrived, she made it her mission to bottle up something that tastes like her favorite meal: breakfast. Pale wheat and caramelly Munich malts call to mind golden-brown waffles, a dash of smoked malt to suggest a side of bacon, and a generous drizzle of real maple syrup to drive the analogy home. Mission accomplished, Kristin!