Blackerry Pear Lemonade

Mike's Blackberry Pear features a classic mix of Bosc pear, blackberries and lemonade. The taste is refreshing, juicy and full of flavor. The natural, crisp Bosc pear taste comes through, followed by hints of juicy blackberries and refreshing lemon notes, for a nice, clean finish with just the right balance of sweetness and citrus.

Harder Cherry Lime

Showcases bright cherry flavor accented by a nice lime flavor. Satisfyingly strong.

Harder New Variety

Throw your taste buds a party with a combination of your favorite mikes hard lemonade flavors including:
The original mikes hard lemonade
Mikes hard black cherry lemonade
Mikes hard strawberry lemonade
Mikes hard blood orange.

Harder Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit Lemonade is the perfect combination of sweet and tangy!

Harder Strawberry Lemonade

For those who have been waiting ages for its release, the aroma of strawberries has finally been infused with everyone’s favorite adult lemonade. With mike’s® in the mix, your trip to the strawberry patch just got a little (or a lot) more adventurous.

Mike's Hard Lime


Do you like your drink with a splash of lime? Well we do too, so crack open a bottle of mike's hard limeade® with more limes, it's more refreshing than ever!