American Adjunct Lager

Tecate Diablo

A refreshing and authentic blend of Tecate beer with natural tomato flavor and the natural flavors of lime, salt and spices.

Tecate Light

A bold choice for those who prefer a light beer, with clear golden color, defined malt character and smooth bitterness.

Beers of Mexico

With Beers of Mexico Fiesta Pack, you bring a selection of the best Mexican beers to your gatherings with friends and family, making any party a fiesta. The Beers of Mexico Fiesta Pack offers a variety to please the group and to offer something for everyone.

Variety Pack

The Modelo Variety Pack includes the classic Modelo Especial and Negra Modelo. Modelo Especial is an authentic, straight-up good beer that prides itself on its quality and ability to stay true to itself, despite its status as the #2 imported beer. Negra Modelo redefines the way consumers think of a dark beer because in taste and color and it appeals to import beer drinkers who are looking for something new and different.


Modelo Especial Chelada is an authentic “cerveza preparada” brewed in Mexico - a blend of Modelo Especial with the refreshing flavors of tomato, salt and lime.


Victoria was produced for the first time in 1865. The brewery and brand were acquired by Grupo Modelo in 1935, making Victoria Mexico’s oldest beer brand. Victoria has been brewed consistently as a Vienna-style lager for 145 years.

Cervezas Clásicas

Cervezas Clásicas variety pack features Corona Extra, Corona Light, Victoria and Pacifico.


Made with the original recipe from yester-year, Rhinelander is a refreshing and malty beer made with only the finest 2-row malted barley and sun ripened hops that create a light and smooth finish. Carbonation dances off the tongue to "remind you that the best things in life are crisp just like the northwoods!"

Boxer Ice

Boxer Ice is a Canadian-style lager made with 2-row Canadian malt and domestic hops. The brew is lagered for 4 weeks prior to canning and is full bodied crisp beer that starts with a gentle maltiness and has clean finish.

Coronita Extra

The same dry beer that has pleasant malt and hop notes with a round dry finish of Corona Extra, Coronita Extra is served in smaller bottles.