My Turn Series: Dylan


Dylan, a Tour Manager at Lakefront, makes sure the tours start on time, the guides hit their marks, and their customers leave happy. As such, he wanted to brew a crowd-pleaser, and went with the easy-drinking nuance of a Dortmunder Lager.

Dortmunder Gold


Made of Harrington 2-row base and caramel 60 malts with cascade and Mt. Hood hops, Dortmunder Gold is a smooth lager that strikes a delicate balance between sweet malt and dry hop flavors.

Dortwunder Lager


Starting with a base of U.S. 2-row pilsner malt, the Berghoff brewers add just enough lightly-kilned Vienna and Munich malts to add a slight caramel character. Hops are New World versions of European classics, smooth, clean, and add personality to the brew. Late-kettle additions assure a beautiful, spicy-herbal aroma that blends nicely with the malts.