English IPA

Sprecher India Pale Ale


Good hop profile throughout with lingering hop finish.

This traditional ale was originally brewed in England for the British troops stationed in India. Double dry-hopped,it has intense hop flavors and aromas delicately balanced with a potent, yet delicious, malty sweetness.
Randy's Notes: "Our IPA is of the imperial or double style, therefore much stronger than the normal IPA's now found everywhere. It has a very balanced but different flavor than most US micro types focusing on more on malt and hop balance where CA IPA's emphasize massive hop aroma and bitterness."

Commodore Perry


Commodore Perry is a medium-bodied and well hopped India pale ale with a dry, fruity finish. The brew is made of Harrington 2-row base and caramel 30 malts, the beer has a fruity, floral, and spicy flavor with mild bitterness.