Red Ale



A dark brown but very light-bodied Amber Ale is the base for this beer and we infuse with vanilla and hazelnut late in the process to create this unique and very easy drinking beer. With a pronounced vanilla aroma and some residual sweetness this is a beer you can enjoy at anytime.

Rally Drum


With a tip of the cap to Tribe superfan and bleacher seat percussionist John Adams, their Red Ale fields a double header of bitter hop and roasted malt flavors.

Murphy's Red Ale


Murphy's Red Ale is a top fermented ale first brewed at the Lady's Well Brewery in 1856 and is still brewed today with the traditional brewing methods and recipe. The brew is a clear ale with a rich, amber color and a creamy head. It is very crisp and malty with a touch of fruity sweetness and soft body.