Chippewa Falls


Nestled in the wooded hills of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, our water is born into this world from the rarest of sources... a natural spring, relying solely on the natural filtration of a glacial formation that began over 500 million years ago. Chippewa spring water is as pure today as when we first tested it a century ago. More importantly, its taste and refreshment have never been equaled. Welcome to the waters of the Chippewa Spring.

La Croix


LaCroix is the bestselling sparkling water brand in the USA. Always 100% natural, LaCroix is calorie, sweetener, sodium, caffeine free and comes in 12 flavors (Lime, Lemon, Pure, Grapefruit, Berry, Cran-Raspberry, Coconut, Peach-Pear, Orange, Mango, Apricot and Passionfruit). LaCroix is a healthy alternative to sugary and artificially sweetened beverages and is available nationwide in a variety of pack types to suit multiple channels.