Wheat Ale

JP's Healani Pineapple Hefeweizen


Healani. Hawaiians call it, "Haze from Heaven."
Some call it liquid gold in the sweet Hawaiian sunshine. Healani Pineapple Hefeweizen is a discovery of fresh pineapple, white wheat malt, and a touch of El Dorado hops. Put yourself on a beer island and dance the hula.

S' Wheat Caroline


Fresh rom the UW-Wisconsin’s campus craft brewery, this American wheat ale features flavorful note of fruity sweetness and a silky smooth finish. Brewed by the student of Wisconsin for the people of Wisconsin.



Four types of West Coast hops add bold notes of pine and juicy grapefruit to this deep golden wheat ale, for a crisp flavor that’s a refreshing escape from winter’s lingering chill.